Are you Going to Be Swept Aside by the Side Sweep?

While the season’s fashions come and go and rise and fall- is grey the new black for AW14? Men traditionally don’t much about too much with their hair, especially if they have a recognisable “look”. Obviously this is a tough trick for the folically challenged(those who are balding) where the three choices are basically a Homer Simpson comb-over (no, no, and thrice no!), a syrup (syrup of fig=wig… a hairpiece) like “Rugs” William Shatner sported in the 1980s, or a Brice Willis shaved head look.
For those blessed with a thatch up top, there is a new hot hairstyle that seems to be sweeping all before it. In fact I must correct myself there. This is not a new hairstyle- it is at least six decades old! It is a simple style, and pretty easy to keep going once you’ve done the initial cut. But are we on the same page- do you know what a side sweep is?
One of the most classic hairstyles for men is the Side Swept. This hairstyle is a simple side part with the hair lying flat and possibly slicked with cream or gel. Once the preserve of ultra-conservative politicians, it is now being favoured by Hollywood actors, celebs, and wannabees (like me!)
The side swept was at its peak in the 1930s to 1950s, yet there is still a minor but solid group of men who enforce the side sweeping of their hair as a “must do” in their daily grooming. In a way it is similar to the slicked back look, but the parting makes it quite different. The hair is parted and combed perpendicular to the parted line while in the slick back, the hair is slicked backwards starting at the forehead.
Classic side parting looks can be found in Robert Redford’s portrayal of the Great Gatsby in the 1973 film. More recently you have trendsetter David Beckham sporting his side sweep now he no longer has to head the ball on the pitch. What really started the recent trend was MadMen, the superb series about advertising in New York in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s the main man, Donald Draper with the look we all want to emulate.
Now here’s my own tip for getting the great side sweep look; let the top of your hair grow for three weeks at least. Then go to a hair stylist and ask for a distressed side sweep- you don’t want it to be too clean cut. Ask your hair stylist to think Leonardo Dicaprio or Ryan Gosling in a bit of a breeze on board a yacht.
The bad news is that if you’re not careful you will be compared to the Prime Minister, David Cameron. This can be avoided by not wearing a blue suit, and going instead for a tee and skinny jeans with trainers. The final tip. Don’t forget to run your hands through your side sweep every now and then (when people are looking at you). It’s a show-offy style and you should draw attention to yourself as often as possible!
Now let your hair grow and sweep the opposition of its feet!