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Eileen Ford: Fashion Pioneer: March 25 1922 – July 9, 2014

Eileen Ford, who has died aged 92, had modelled while studying psychology at Barnard College, New York. She met Jerry, a wartime sailor, in a drugstore and romantically they eloped to San Francisco before he left to go back to the Pacific theatre of war. Eileen worked as a photographer’s assistant, stylist and fashion trade reporter, and began booking her modelling friends. When Jerry was demobilised they started to plan their business. It began in 1947 with a different ethos. Eileen oversaw many potential recruits in need of improvement, housing, feeding, grooming and educating her discoveries. There were other people and businesses around doing similar things but they were small-scale, unprofessional and unambitious. Eileen and Jerry paid their recruits a wage and looked after them so that they were not exploited and had much better job security.
The business prospered and the New York parent company opened offices around the world as fashion spread its wings. Eileen had an uncanny aptitude for having her finger on the coming pulse of what fashion wanted or needed and to diversify away from the classic look. Look at her list of recruits over the years: Jean Shrimpton,Veruschka von Lehndorff, Lauren Hutton, Candice Bergen, Rene Russo, Kim Basinger, Brooke Shields, Christie Brinkley, Martha Stewart, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell.
Obviously as their model agency business prospered, imitators came into the industry and tried to emulate the Ford Agency’s success, often trying to lure their models away with higher fees or promises of better management. None managed to topple Eileen and Jerry’s business.
Jerry and Euileen’s marriage lasted until Jerry’s death in 2008. Eileen is survived by their children, Katie, Jamie, Lacey and Gerard.
Upion hearing the news many supermodels took to Twitter or sent in statements to express their sadness at Ford’s passing — read some of them below and you begin to see the positive impact they had on the individuals and on the fashion industry as a whole:
Christy Turlington Burns said
“I was fortunate to have worked in the industry at a time when legends like Eileen Ford were still reigning. Being a part of the Ford Agency when I began my career was truly special. I will always remember Eileen and her indomitable presence with fondness and gratitude.”
Carol Alt said:
“Eileen Ford was an icon in the business. She was an innovator and fiercely protective of her girls. I was so proud to be a Ford model and certainly counted Eileen as a friend and mentor. This for me is the end of an era as Eileen was the ground-breaking creator and designer of this industry as it is today.”
Christie Brinkley said:
“I was lucky to call Eileen Ford my agent. She was the best in the business. She saw something in me and with her brilliant business acumen, her knowledge, experience and personal touch she took me from Malibu surfer girl and guided my career through covers and contracts to places I never imagined like the Broadway stage! I was so proud that a true living legend had come to see me perform in the play “Chicago” and I wanted to do my best performance for her because it was the least I could do for someone who gave me the world. My heartfelt condolences and love to her cherished family.”

Reasons to buy latex mattress

There are many points that should be taken into account before purchasing any product. Based on the personal preference of each customer, every outlet offers products that are made of different materials. Latex mattresses are made of latex. They may be either natural latex or the artificial one that is made up of many particles. Latex mattresses are the best choice for people who want their sleeping surface to be rigid and strong. This helps in reducing the underlying pains that the people are suffering from and also prevents any pains that may occur in the future. This is possible as latex is a resilient material. Using a latex mattress will give the product a greater lifespan when compared to the other forms of mattresses. They can be cleaned and maintained easily with less effort from the user. Latex is a material that is bio degradable. Since it does not absorb any particles unlike other mattresses it is odorless. Mattress made of natural latex is even free from chemical odors. Motion isolation is other major attraction in using latex mattresses. When a person rolls over, the other person lying in the same mattress is undisturbed. These are some of the reasons why people prefer to buy latex mattress.

Find Spa packages in Chennai

When it comes to spa and massages, the one common misconception about them that most of us seem to have is the fact that they are expensive and that they cannot be afforded every week. This is simply not true since more often than not, there are a number of offers and deals that you can get in no time which can help you help you save a lot of money in the short term. This is true for almost all kinds of spa packages out there. If you are looking for spa packages in Chennai, all you have to do is get in touch with the spa packages that are available in your area in any of the multiple online deal websites. All you have to do to proactively get the deals is to become a member of these websites and they will be more than happy to [push emails when they get a good deal about spas. You should definitely give these online deal site hosts since they can save you a lot of money in the short as well as long term, making it a proposition worth having. Find out more about these deal websites today.

Purchasing a foldable bed mattress online

When a person is purchasing foldable bed mattresses online there are certain things that should be noted. It is important to know the right size of the bed on order to purchase a mattress that will fit into it. It is important to spend a little extra time on choosing a bed that you will rest on than any other piece of furniture in a house. This is told for the reason that a bed is the place that acts as a source of comfort and relief for a number of people. When a person gets a good night’s sleep, they are said to be energetic all through the other day. This also refreshes the mind and the body greatly. This makes the selection of mattress an important task that should be taken care of properly. Several vital things should be noted before making a purchase. The main focus should be placed on how comfortable the mattress is. Each person has a different comfort level and they will have different needs when it comes to mattress. Buying a very expensive mattress does not give the guarantee that a person will fell comfortable when sleeping on it. Cost has nothing to do with comfort when it comes to mattress.

Sleepwell glory coir mattress online

A sleepwell glory coir mattress gives the utmost luxurious feel to people who use it. The mattress has an option to be made of perfectly natural components according to the customer’s wish. The air permeability in these types of mattresses is good. So it is soft and is known to have a sensual effect. There are a number of layers that give the texture and the feel when one person uses it. In the store mattress box, there are many options available. If a person wants to feel eco friendly and close to nature they can choose their sleepwell glory coir mattress to have an upper layer that is made of a fabric which contains aloe vera. This gives a soothing effect to the skin. Normally a mattress is made of a number of springs that are covered by many other materials like the coconut coir, the foam and the other protective layers that surrounds them. They are also known to beat fatigue and stress of a person. This in turn enhances deep sleep. Normally a glory coir mattress is a combination of high density rubberized coir and a PUF material that is high in resistance. This combination is used in order to make the product durable and comfort.

Personalized Mattress For Loved Ones

Gift a personalized mattress for your loved ones in Bangalore. One can happily book a product from the website to any location in the country. For a customer, mattress shopping online is the best option and will be able to select from wide range of products and varieties under different categories. Health is an important aspect of everyone’s life and no one should neglect it anytime during the lifetime. The individual should sleep on a surface which does not affect the backbone at any cost. This product is so useful and helpful to all individuals because it will solve all problems related to the backbone.
This kind of flexible mattress is found only on the online store in Bangalore. The dimensions are very simple to select for the customer and you can also provide your own style of dimension or the foam required to be used for making a personalized mattress. All the valuable customers are assured of a good quality of service and every individual can directly get the estimate or quote instantly from the website. The reviews are positive and amazing for the viewers to choose this company. Enjoy your service with great pleasure and spend a good amount for a better product.

Technicians who have repaired lots of industrial trucks

Rough terrain forklifts are used in the warehouses and distribution centers where employees cannot move around easily to pick huge volumes of cargoes. Companies can save their precious time and improve their income only when these trucks works round the clock. Entrepreneurs will suffer huge financial loss if they breakdown while performing its duties. Forklifts are used in several important industries in Dubai and foremen can hire one of the truck mechanics working here when their trucks fail to work.

Buyers will get discount when they purchase spares

Forklifts have various important parts like masts, batteries, steering, electrical cables and wires and jacks. These machines which work in the industrial units for hours should be maintained properly else they will face major repairs. Do not worry when such situation happens since there are highly experienced truck repairers working in this company who will check the damages and repair the same immediately.

This company is also classified as the best Forklift spare parts suppliers in the city of Dubai. People can buy rare and unique parts from this company and install them immediately on the trucks. It is worth to note that majority of the products that are sold here are cheap and nominal.

Best Spa Deals In Chennai

The human body will always need some rest and peace at some time of time and to have such pleasure of relaxation most of the neighbors prefer the hotel in Chennai in the place. If you are searching online for some Best SPA Deals In Chennai, then this place will be the right choice for a customer. There are many online sources for availing these deals for enjoying your time in a spa in a much-relaxed manner. The hotel is dedicated to providing the accommodation facilities and additionally spa and massage center is available for external pay and use only.
The Hotel also grants outsiders who want to use it only for spa or massage service exclusively. The aromatic massage package is considered to be one of the preferred one by most of the regular customers in the hotel. It is a specially made treatment which involves the practices of Ayurveda and rich medicinal values massage. The customer can choose based on the offer prescribed every day. The offers keep on changing based on the client experience. Since many tourist people are from outside India, there are specially designed massage themes like Thai massage and Sweden-based massage treatment.

Spa Services At Affordable Prices

What would be the charges for spa service? Many of the people are often worried about the charges for spa services. There is no point of surprise as it is quite natural to worry about the charges as money matters. In fact, many of the people explore the services only after knowing the price. And, really speaking, it is quite practical to choose the services that are suitable to one’s budget. However, if you are looking forward to enjoy the spa services in Chennai, you would surely feel overwhelmed. In the first place, the services for spa services here are reasonably affordable, and on the other hand; you can strike the best spa deals in Chennai and enjoy the services at quite competitive prices.
One of the best ways to get the best spa deals in Chennai is through advanced booking. Sometimes, you may feel the need of spa due to the sudden increase in work pressure or fatigue. In this case, you may not prefer to go for prior booking. However, in normal circumstances, you can book in advance and reap the benefits of the best spa deals in Chennai without spending any high amounts. For best spa deals in Chennai, you may opt for the newsletters of the spa centers or remain updated with news or bulletin released by the spa centers.